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Jyrras Gianna is an anthropomorphic kangaroo/rat mix in Amber Williams' comic, Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. Jyrras has been labeled "incredibly cute" by his six older sisters that appear more like a kangaroo than a rat, like himself. This is something that he greatly dislikes.

Jyrras is a genius inventor of many technical gizmos. He owns his own company, Jycorp, and has made millions. He has created many dangerous weapons (that he claims to be "farming" or "mining" tools) in his underground lab. Breaking Furrae laws, Jy has even created life in the form of a bubble-gum bunny named "DEATH-BRINGER" (she chose her own name), or Deebs.

An anthropomorphic cow/demon-mare named Lorenda Soulstealer lives at Jyrras' mansion. Jyrras is confused about whether he likes her more than just a friend. Unfortunately, this is not the only person the kangaroo/kangaroo-rat might have feelings for. Others include his best friend since childhood, retired adventurer Daniel Ti'Fiona who has recently discovered he is an incubus; and a tough-guy and brutally honest incubus that might be softer than he seems, Abel.

Jyrras' feisty ferret friend, Wildy-san, wrote an entire novel where Jyrras becomes a super-villain against pink-suited secret agent Janus Bond (a spoof on DMFA fan, Janus Whitefurr). When Janus is captured, a wheel-of-death dictates he is to be put to death by shōnen-ai.

Jyrras Gianna has become one of the favorite characters of DMFA. In the latest comics, the stereotypically cute Jyrras has gained a new outfit and is developing a deeper character.

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