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jwoulf, also known as Germanshepherd (born December 23, 1982) knew he was a therian/furry when he was only 11. He has been involved in the furry community since 8th grade, when he first began exploring the internet.

jwoulf is rather opinionated, and is sometimes seen as a troll.[citation needed]

His name was picked by chance while signing up for his first ISP. All the names he thought of using were taken, so he began stringing random spellings of "wolf" together with random letters. His name is never capitalized, by his own choice.


Occupation and hobbies

jwoulf's first and chosen profession is I.T. and computer repair. He spent two years driving semi trucks, first for May Trucking, and then for J.B. Hunt Transportation. He is currently unemployed due to a medical issue that prevents him from driving semi trucks, and he is looking for work in the IT field once again.

In his spare time he codes HTML, C++, or LSL. He is also a big fan of homebuilt gas turbine engines and often reads the Gas Turbine Builders Association and related forums.

jwoulf also collects various military memorabilia, mostly from the WWII era.

Online gaming

jwoulf Sholokhov (jwoulf on SL)

jwoulf used to be an active online gamer but has since lost most interest in most games.

Second life

He still can occasionally be seen on Second Life, where he had approximately 10 alternate accounts, but now only has three due to the unauthorized access to SL's password database and the reset of all user passwords.

His main character on SL is a wolf avatar by the name jwoulf Sholokhov, who was often seen wearing a Soviet uniform. He is rarely on SL due to work and past drama, but logs in around once every two weeks to check IM's, and give out free stuff to those who have requested it.

jwoulf's G.E. M-134 Minigun

SL builder

In the past, jwoulf has built a few freebie weapons on SL, and has given all of his creations out for free. As of late, he has been logging on more often because of a few projects involving new weapons.

Two of jwoulf's SL weapons (The M-134 Minigun and the Multifunction Tool) had stopped functioning after an update of the system, but have since returned to full functionality.

He used to be on "Battlefield 1942", "Battlefield Vietnam" and "Battlefield 2" under the player names "[TS]jwoulf.net" and "[TS]VassiliZaitsev.", but has since lost interest most online gaming.

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