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JustifyMySanity, also known as Reese; born March 26, 1994), is a transgendered (FTM) traditional artist residing in Toronto Ontario, Canada.[1]


The surviving half of two natural siblings (twins), JustifyMySanity had Cardiac Catheterization at the age of 21 months (Jan. 9th 1996) in order to save their life.

Living in the West End of Toronto until the age of 17, JustifyMySanity grew up with their natural parents until they split up, moving in with their mother, stepfather, and two brothers until their mother passed away on September 15, 2011. They moved out after this.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although officially joining the furry fandom in August 11, 2007, they were aware of it long before. JustifyMySanity currently lives in The Fur Pile


JustifyMySanity has two fursonas by the names of Enapay Isaqka a male Sergal & Edison Antlers an Ftm Rocky Mountain Elk

Convention attendance[edit]


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