Juno the Dragon

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Juno the Dragon (often shortened to simply Juno; born January 24, 2005), is a artist, fursuitmaker and fursuiter who is from Concord, CA. She has been in the fandom for almost 3 years, originally finding the fandom in late January of 2016.


Juno's fursona is a brown and gray dragon covered with navy and maroon chevron stripes. She has small black spikes on the back of her head and tail, and has green and gray wings. In late 2018, Juno was originally planned to be a saber toothed tiger, but was changed to a dragon stortly after. Juno has been through four major redesigns.

Juno's secondary character is a gray, white, black, and red dragon named Miles, based off of the lesser known Canadian Indie Rock band known as Mother Mother. It is unclear whether she will be making Miles into a fursuit or not.


Juno's fursuit was started mid December and has not been finished to date. She has been working on it herself, under the alias RoyalDragon Workshop.