Jungle Fire

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Jungle Fire
Author(s) Jerelyn and Kael
Update schedule No longer updated
Launch date June 19, 2005
End Date January 1, 2010
Genre Adventure
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Jungle Fire is a webcomic by Jerelyn and Kael. It began in 2005, and went on permanent hiatus in 2010. The authors describe the comic as[1]

Jungle Fire
the classic tale of the butterfly who flaps its wings and creates a storm. It is also the classic tale of the unlikely band of misfits making the best of what life gives them. It is a tale of adventure, of love, of childhood and coming of age, of great lies and small truths, and great truths and small lies.
Jungle Fire


The main characters of Jungle Fire are:[2]

  • Viidakon Tuli (Vii), a young female thrall (a reptilian species). She is a colorful person in every sense of the word; under direct sunlight her scales take on an iridescent flame-like green reflection. Her name means "jungle fire", comes from the pattern of her scales, and is the series' title.
  • Yer'e Foxeye Vaeltaja (Foxeye), a retired war hero, vigilante, and woodswoman with an ornery disposition and a tendency to bollocks things up. She is a yehr'aval, a humanlike species.
  • Rakyn Vaeltaja (Rakyn), an enigmatic ferenabu (a feline species). Rakyn died several years ago, but still seems to hang around and chat with Foxeye.
  • Ketai, a ferenabu female with a tendency toward solitary wanderings. She is a skilled hunter with a talent for understanding animal behaviour, and one of her unique quirks includes keeping hunting dogs she acquires from humans.
  • Irianta, a ferenabu, and the biological son of Ketai and Rakyn. Due to genetics, Irianta's limbs are too long and too big for his torso, making him clumsy.


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