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Julie Rampke, also known as Julesong, is an author and editor of fan fiction for the Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe fanzine, and is one of the seven founding members. She identifies with many different kinds of animals (cetaceans, kangaroos, otters), but does not have a fursona. Before becoming involved with anthropomorphics, Julie was in several different Elfquest fan publications (holts), including Mark Allen Davis' Lone Oak Holt.

She has occasionally been a panelist at Conifur. Her most popular was the infamous "Bug Eating" panel of 2004, where she spoke on the topic of alternate food sources. The panel included samples of three different flavors of dried mealworm, and chocolate covered crickets, mealworms, and ants. One snack featured an "I Ate a Bug Club" button.

Julie's other interests include: cooking, vocal music and performance, and Joss Whedon's [wikipedia:Firefly (television series)|Firefly]]/Serenity universe.

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