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Julian Wilbury is an artist and aspiring writer in Missouri, USA.

She refers to her name as more a "pseudonym" as there are no characters attached to it. That said, she is usually recognized by various characters that have represented her in past, Lillian Dakota (rockerbot27), a bird-like robot and DoomYote/ Jerry BlueSky a toony coyote. Working mostly in digital art, her style almost always has some twinge of exaggerated cartoon-like expressions, even when realistic. Among her influences, she cites Chuck Jones, Don Bluth, and Bob Clampett to be strongest influences. Her reputation for having an obsessive love of robots is backed by her involvement in WALL-E and Short Circuit fandoms.

She started as part of the Lion King fandom from 2000-2007, leaving due to the changes in the fandom she found unfavourable. She has two attempted webcomics, "Anxiety Cafe" and "AntiSocial Commentary," the latter being a "reboot" of the first, including characters such as Ron, a female anthropomorphic platypus, and Lillian, an artistic robot. The first version of the comic is unavailable online and the creator says most of the files are gone, but the second has been left up, citing the comic's "forced hiatus" to be caused by "being forced into real life."

AntiSocial Commentary often included cameos of friend's characters, most notably Vinci of Vinci & Arty, which she has recently contributed a guest strip to, along with having been a contributer to the "Ask Arty" artjams while the show was still being aired.

She is probably best known for her aforementioned love of robots and gryphons, and her storyline "Legacy" which features both heavily, along with anthropomorphic creatures in general. Her comic "AntiSocial Commentary" was part of this continuity, but the artist has stated its current status as "canon" being dodgy. Despite constantly working on her anthropomorphic-related stories and commissions, her already light involvement in the fandom at large is diminishing thanks to heavier involvement in other fandoms.

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