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The Samurai at Anthrocon 2005 with Dawn Best

Joshua The Samurai is a furry writer, musician and personality. Known for being the creator of Bambi the bat, he is also the administrator for the Bambi's Bamboo Bar Yahoo Group, and has mastered two techno albums, one of which is the official soundtrack for Shawntae Howard's comic, Extinctioners.


The official Extinctioners soundtrack was Joshua's first album, written by him with a cover drawn by Extinctioners creator Shawntae Howard, with featured artwork on the disk by artists that have contributed to Extinctioners in the past.

The Samurai's second Album, Ronin Without A Cause

The album sold well, and the music was accepted as Extinctioners canon, with the title track accepted as the official theme of the comic. However, the Samurai's second album Ronin Without a Cause was less well received. Despite some tracks being played by known DJ's and a few positive reviews, the lack of any "furry" theme other than a remix of the Extinctioners theme caused con-goers to lose interest, with only a few copies sold, and many given away as gifts by the composer when endless copies cluttered up his house.

Despite this setback, a third album (with a Jewel Vixens theme) is planned, tentatively named Bent on World Domination, and it's rumored that artist Jodimest may add exclusive JV art to the soundtrack, hoping to restart the Samurai's musical career.

The Samurai's Entourage[edit]

The Samurai, along with his entourage, are regular fixtures at furry conventions and events, where some of his "esteemed entourage" can be seen around him at any given time. The entourage is jokingly referred to as the Samurai's "elite team of bodyguards," when in reality they are simply his close friends.

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