Joshua Quagmire

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Joshua Quagmire (nee Richard Lester) is a greymuzzle furry artist, best known for his character, Cutey Bunny. Alternatively known as QT Bunny, he self-published a number of comics with her and various supporting characters, dating back to the early 1980's. He also appeared in several early issues of Huzzah, and Critters #1.

Quagmire, who lives in West Los Angeles, maintains a Cutey Bunny website, but otherwise has mostly vanished from view.

Josh is currently (since 2011) doing an online strip called Bunz & Katz. The humorous strip follows the adventures of a couple of alien "invaders" on planet Earth.


Many old-timers in the furry fandom are aware of Joshua's insistence that some artists are infringing on his copyright and trademark property. In particular, he maintains that cartoonist Jeff Wood stole his Cutey Bunny character to create SnowBuni. Wood denies the charges, citing ancestry in anime fandom, and a substantial publishing history behind his own character. The matter has never been litigated.

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