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Random artists[edit]

  • Xavier Grey was the first artist for Joseph and was the 2nd longest one to be used (4/3/16 - 6/19/16) during the Hitman phase (the phase wouldn’t go away until 5/14/17)
  • Arty Grim was the second artist for the fox but due to the art being submitted before it was finished it wasn’t used very long (4/21/16 - 5/5/16) during the Mob boss era (didn’t fade until 1/8/17)
  • Ice13 was the 3rd piece of art and falls the longest lasting drawing so far and the one that got the closest to the actual design(12/24/16 - 6/19/17) during the “In-Trenched pilot” (still going on)
  • Bloodstone would be the fourth artist and the one that actually look unfinished if it wasn’t cropped (6/18/17 - 8/18/17)
  • Muffet is the 5th artist and was the most dedicated to the project, though it didn’t include a plane, the drawing submitted in 3 forms

1:sketch 2:flat colors 3:shaded colors


  • His fur pattern was to be black and white but the pattern was either white and grey or just white by the 1srt 3rd and 4th artist.
Joseph lefebvre (Hitman)[edit]

A cold hearted killer who would never take no for an answer, even when his rivals gave all the information that they know


Born in New York City in the United States, he lived with Mother (Lilly) his brother (Austin) and sister (Elisè) (his father died participating in a riot known by the locals as “The black and white Ace riot”) in a decent apartment for awhile before his mother had a job opportunity in California.

The family moved there when he was just 3 years old, there Lilly met a man going by the name of Issac karcass, they all seemed to enjoy having him as a Step father. On Joseph’s 14th birthday he was introduced to fire arms and by 16 he had killed his first victim. Soon he participated with the gang near their house called “The 52 pickup gang”which was more like a mafia.

Then as the years went by, the gang grew and grew and So did Joseph’s lust for blood but then, on 5/14 the fbi launched and assault killing and arresting those who involved with the 52 pick up gang. Among those who died was master assassin Joseph Lefebvre. Age: 28

Joseph (Mob boss)[edit]

The mastermind of the As De Pique Mafia, he controls all of the money and drugs in Louisiana river, and anyone who opposes, him will sleep with the fishes, literally


Born from a French father (Jacques Lefebvre) and his English mother (Victoria poppy) in Montreal, Canada. Then in the time known as “Winters stock market” they couldn’t afford living in Canada anymore so, they moved to Oklahoma in the United States. It took awhile for him to adjust to the heat but the time he got used to it, his mother died from Cancer, heart broken, Jacques spent most of the family’s money on drinking. He did however send Joseph to college, but by that time he sold the house and Joseph didn’t even have basic needs for his everyday life.

Once he got a job, Joseph was already kicked out of college and his fathers low-tier apartment, disowning him. Looking for other means to make money, he made the As De Pique Mafia and quickly gained members. However the expansion caught the eye of the fbi and they relocated to Louisiana where they made drug trades, a hiding spot for bodies, and arms deals.

This wouldn’t last long however when, one of cocain packages were floating down the river, and retrieved by a little kid, who reported to the police. The police raided the area, the assaults weren’t successful, even with tear gas, so when they called the national guard, most of the mafia surrendered. After relocating to Miami, he continued to operate with what remained of his empire until he was shot down by the Russian mafia in 1/8 Age:45

Joseph (Ace Pilot)[edit]

While he is a soft spoken pilot in the runway, he is risk taking, ladies man on the battlefield.


Born in 1895 in the northern part of Paris, France. He lived a life full of sorrow, when he was just 3 his mother was ill and his father was an alcoholic. By 1900 his mother died from the illness, with little to no money, His father started gambling and was later 12,000 francs in debts. His father died in 1913, on Joseph’s 18th birthday.

Even though he could get a job, he was busy getting women and eventually gambled, ending up like his father. On April 2 1914, he met a beautiful woman named Jasmine Rose. They started dating but by July 28, he left to join the French army. He witnessed men around him, some of them were even the loan sharks that killed his dad.

This massacre would leave him scared for the rest of his life, he wrote letters to Jasmine expressing the horrors of war until December 5 he wrote a letter to Jasmine “Jasmine you wouldn’t believe it! The men that we were fighting is celebrating Christmas with us! Oh how the joy of this holiday spirit can bring joy to you, me, and my enemies. sincèrement -Joseph Lefebvre”

Then during the 2nd year of the war he was sent back for 2 days where he was immediately greeted by Jasmines hugs and kisses. While it seemed short, Joseph had a great time when he was away from the frontlines. Then he saw a poster, asking anyone to join The armée de l'air (This was before the Air Force was disbanded) he saw that he could get paid more and took the job. He took flight and passed training. But he would be tested at the battle of verdun. Germany was advancing and soon enough, they were pushed back, France stood her ground. Joseph became an ace at this time.

But his career would end during the battle of soissons, while chashing a Fokker dr.vll, he was struck by lightning, but this would kill him, instead it sent him 99 years into the future. After crashing his SPAD S.Xlll which he named Bess into the ground. He found out by new generals, the prime minister and a recording from 1983 of his commanding officer that the war was won, France held tight, even during wll, but when he found out that he was in a new post-war Europe. He ran out of the streets of Paris and ran into the graveyard and wept. While Joseph went missing, Jasmine became depressed and eventually committed suicide in 1919 Age: 21

If Joseph wasn’t hit by the lightning bolt he would be 122 years old