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Porcelain Joe, also known as Josey, and Josey Pearl on Second Life[1] (real name Joseph Pratt; born July 7, 1987[2] - died September 28, 2012), was a furry artist who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.[2]

Joe had a feline fursona.[1]


Joe Pratt began drawing in early childhood, but only received a formal art education during high school, when he attended Concord California's De La Salle High School.[3]

Upon graduation, Joe attended Diablo Valley Community College to further his education, and then moved to Los Medanos Community College.[3]

Joe created a comic series entitled Striderman, and a Star Wars fan-comic named Tales of the Empire.[3] He also created many T-shirts, professional advertisements, school flyers, newspaper illustrations, and various other forms of art.


On September 30, 2012, it was reported that Joe had passed away on September 28 after being involved in a car accident.[4]

A report in the San Jose Mercury News, of October 1, identified Joseph Pratt as having been killed a three-car collision in Oakley. California.[5]


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