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Whines' partial fursuit
Kareoke in Kempi's at TFF2014

Whines (born August 26, 1969),[1] also known as Josef Ricketts, is an artist and fursuiter. He lives in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.,[1] with his partner, Fades. His fursona is a spotted hyena.

Whines' work has appeared in the first and third issues of The American Journal of Anthropomorphics,[2] some early issues of 'The Tai-Pan Project' APA, and illustrations for an article in 'Passionate Living' about cyberspace. His art frequently features fennecs (and hyenas to a lesser extent), and tends to be silly, sometimes playfully offensive cartoons. Some of his images in the Furry Fiesta art show have gotten complaints about themes involving abortions, baby-eating and menstruation.

Whines is on the staff at Furry Fiesta, where he has been bringing dance lighting since the first con. As of 2014, he was doing A/V for the underground 'Kempi's' nightclub area in TFF's new hotel.

Whines is active in the local furry community and hosts a weekly gathering for artists at his home in northeast Austin, occasional furry dances, and is helping Tylenn organize Austin fursuiting events through a group named Fouxpaw.

Whines constructed his own fursuit, which debuted during Halloween 2013.[3]


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