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Todd Jordan Peacock, also known as Jordan Greywolf, is a sculptor, typesetter, computer programmer, technical support representative, and as an illustrator.

In 2000-2001, Greywolf was the layout editor of PawPrints Fanzine, a journal of "critter" artwork and stories, published by Conrad Wong. (Pawprints Fanzine was discontinued after issue #12, largely due to art and story archives that began appearing on the web, filling the intended role of the fanzine.)


Greywolf has created a number of fans with his furry artwork, which can be viewed on his website and at

Greywolf has also done a bit of artwork for the Ironclaw roleplaying game, published by Sanguine Productions, Ltd. He also has writing credits in the Bisclavret supplement for Ironclaw. Some of his artwork can also be found at Cumberland Games & Diversions, a site dedicated to paper accessories for various roleplaying games.

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