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Jonathan "Jon" Ponikvar (born November 12, 1981) is a cartoonist and traditional sequential artist.[1] He studied sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Jon currently lives in Virginia.[2]

Comic Projects[edit]

Jon's comics have been published online since early 1998. His longest running series is Peter and Company, a comic strip that has evolved through several different forms over the years. In early 2005 Jon threw out all his old material related to Peter and Company and started over from scratch with a fresh storyline and character designs, while keeping the original strip's name. This latest version is currently being pushed for national syndication. His other comic is a graphic novel entitled The Chronicles of Ademar, featuring the character Lily the Samurai Panda. Jon and his wife, Whitney, started a sequel webcomic to Peter and Company called Peter and Whitney in 2016.[3]

Although Jon's work features anthropomorphic characters, he has stated publicly on several forums that he does not wish to be associated with the furry fandom. Instead, he wishes to be known only as a traditional cartoonist who enjoys drawing anthropomorphic characters. His art style is clean, although a few characters are buxom, it is never innapropriate or unchild-friendly. He is also quick to point out that he draws many things outside of the realm of "furry art."

Jon's personal cartooning style is similar (and almost reflective) of the classic Looney Tunes cartoons by Warner Brothers Animation.


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