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John Martello is an traditional artist who produces a wide range of hand-made artworks from wearable art in the form of relief pins made of resin, to comics,portraits and paper models. John is the current Chief of the Order of the Skywatcher Clan (a non recognized Native American Indian tribe and 501c3 public charity) and his art services are used to raise the funds to purchase land for the tribe on which to rebuild the tribal nation (which was lost to the Spanish around 1776-1780). Current focus is on anthropomorphic art (usually adult in nature)in the form of commissions which are considered donations with a gift of art in exchange. This appears to be the only current source of funds as the other services John provides (the pins and portraits) are apparently of no interest to anyone.

Strangely enough, John is attacked constantly by thieves and pirates who do not believe he has the right to make a living from his art or that he has the right to protect his rights and work. Recently, a well to do artist copied two fetish commission paintings John made in June of 2004 to benefit himself, without requesting permission, which further harms John's ability to raise the funds to save his tribe from extinction (and people wonder why John is angry).

John also produces videos to document the building of models, exploring the tribe's cave, rocket launches comedy and sci-fi amateur series.John builds the props and costumes, creating the background stories of the characters which are usually based on tribal legends.

External links[edit]

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