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Corsi's badge, representing his husky fursona

Corsi (also known as Joey Porter; born March 5, 1972)[1] is a furry writer, artist, musician, and fursuiter who lives in Allen, Texas, U.S.A.[1] His fursona, previously a mouse, is a male Siberian husky.

Corsi is also a member of the music group Mousetrap.

[edit] Second Life

Corsi can be found on Second Life under the username Corsi Mousehold. He is the owner of FurNation Hell and Alpha, and is also a member of the Second Life Military Group Silver Hawks.

Corsi sells a range of Sex Furniture in-game, including Beds, Rugs, HUDs, and more. His store can be found in FurNation Hell under the name NeoLove.

[edit] References

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