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Joey is a fictional kangaroo first introduced in the animated series The Penguins of Madagascar, in which he is a prominent recurring character after Marlene. He is voiced by James Patrick Stewart, who also provides the voice of Private on the show.



Joey first appeared in the series in the episode Assault and Batteries, in which he is revealed to be a violent, antisocial kangaroo in Central Park Zoo, who speaks in a heavy Australian accent. It is in this episode that Joey attacks both Skipper and King Julien when they accidentally fall into his pen, on the grounds that trespassers make Joey mad. The two interlopers eventually escape, but not before being horribly beaten several times by the sociopathic kangaroo.

Background appearances[edit]

Despite his aversion to company, Joey is seen amongst the zoo animals gathered to hear King Julien's new decree in Two Feet High and Rising. On this occasion, Joey apparently refrains from beating up anyone, most likely because he has no grounds to do so.

Joey would also form part of the zoo audience in the episode Little Zoo Coupe, although his appearance consists of only three seconds, when he is seen taking his place among the stands.

Other appearances[edit]

Joey appears again (this time in an unspeaking role) in the episode Eclipsed. During a montage relating to King Julien's efforts to be nice to the other animals at the zoo, he cleans out Joey's pouch before trying to clean his teeth. Joey abruptly responds by giving Julien a black eye.

Joey re-appears in the episodes Cat's Cradle and Skorca!, this time with speaking roles. In Cat's Cradle, the penguins leave a trap for an animal control officer in Joey's pen, hoping that the kangraoo will beat him up. However, the plan falls subject to Murphy's law, and Joey comes off worst. In Skorca!, Joey is given a prominent role when King Julien hires Joey as a mercenary to deal with an unknown enemy outside the zoo.

In the episode Mort Unbound, King Julien attempts to confiscate Joey's food - several bundles of hay - to make stick figures from the individual stalks. When Joey threatens Julien with violence, the kangaroo receives a taste of his own medicine when Julien unleashes a super-sized Mort on him, beating the kangaroo into submission.

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