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Eryshé, drawn by Joe Meyer.

Joe Meyer is a cartoonist from Long Island, New York. He draws the autobiographical comic Destroying the Illusion, and the slice-of-life comic, "Slammin' Bunneez" (both currently on hiatus). In 2009 he created "Furreh Nuuz Teevee," a satirical comic that makes fun of the more ridiculous aspects of the fandom.


Eryshé Falafel, his primary fursona, is a character in Joe's comic Slammin' Buneez, where he is a fiction suit, unbeknown to the characters around him. Eryshé works as security in a night club, and is the superintendent of a building. Eryshé's species is part rabbit and cat. He sports blue fur with a cream underbelly, face, and inner ear, a long, cat-like tail and oddly parallel and vertical ears. His nose and feet are more rabbit-like. His role in Slammin' Buneez, at this time is barely a minor character, although that may change in future stories. In Destroying The Illusion, Eryshé portrays the majority of Joe's role in the comic. A full-fursuit of Eryshé, commissioned by ToonSuit Character Costumes, is currently in retirement. Division Fahrenheit, is a secondary fursona and partial-fursuit, commissioned by Oz Kangaroo. He is a bright red kangaroo.

Mister F[edit]

Mister F is Joe's internet presence, referring to multiple characters that could be referred to with the title "Mr. F:" Eryshé, Division, T3h Fuz0r (a white rabbit), Schulz Fuzzhead (a hybrid), and Patrick Fettleibiger (a pig), among others.

Real life[edit]

Joe currently works as a sign artist at a specialty grocery store.

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