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Joe Wolf
Joe Wolf

Joe Wolf (born April 28, 1989) is a furry artist from Austin, Texas, U.S.A. He is autistic, graduated from McCallum High School in June 07, 2008

But is also known as Fire Starter Wolf. Currently lives in Texas and not in college yet. Seeking time to create his comic book to sell and show.

He's mated to a Canadian furry named LightningTiger, and plans to move in with him.

And He goes to a con called AnthroCon and soon to produce his Wild Starter comic book there.


Joe's fursona is a wolf but he refers to himself as a Wolfian, a species extinct for over 10,000 years in his character's backstory.

In Life[edit]

Joel or Joe whichever he wants to be called, is currently graduated from McCallum high School, he still thinks on what he wish to do with his own, in his life. He spends time playing video games, and working on his comic book Wild Starter

As of now, he lives with his family in Austin, and no information on his future activities.

Wild Starter[edit]

Joe C. Wolf of Wild Starter is a dark and light brown wolf with black short hair, brown eyes, with 5 red scars on the muzzle. Joe was born with a happy life till on his 5th birthday everything changed, and since then he lived with a goal in mind.. to learn the truth about himself and destroy the ones who caused his life a living heck.

On his 18th birthday, his powers come to him and he realizes he's too a starter. He sets his goal and trains as he willing to do anything to find leads to his culprits, and gets his revenge.

But little does he knows that there's more at stake than revenge. would he choose his destiny or abandon it..

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