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LunarYouko is a female furry artist. She also is known online by her real name, Joanie Plue, which she uses on copyright descriptions on her websites.

LunarYouko dabbles in many types of art, but she draws mostly digital works and recently took up drawing comics again. Her most recent work, starting in December of 2008 is a furry comic, Truer Words

In real life[edit]

Joanie Plue was born in 1988, and has been interested in animals her whole life. In 2006 she became aware of the furry community and joined it in full in 2007-08 and now draws furries almost exclusively.


LunarYouko has a few fursonas that she has used to represent herself online with over time. These fursonas include LunarYouko (Aya and Ayame), Souda Aya, and Randi Feymar.


LunarYouko was Joanie's first fursona dating back to as early as 2004. While the character was revised several times a few things always stayed the same. She was always a fox and had shades of blue fur and on occasion had black wing, though the wings were dropped in the last few revisions.

In 2007 LunarYouko split into two separate characters: Aya and Ayame. Aya was the female character and Ayame the male. Both were near identical in appearance.

Now the name LunarYouko has become less of a fursona and more of just a artistic name used to represent herself with as opposed to being her identity.

Souda Aya[edit]

Souda Aya was a fursona used for only a short amount of time during 2008 when LunarYouko fell into an identity crisis. This fiery cat represented her real life personality well but was short-lived.

Randi Feymar[edit]

Randi Feymar is the newest fursona used by LunarYouko, created in December 2008 for the comic Truer Words. She returned to having a fox character, but with one crucial difference. This one is exclusively male. There is no female counterpart to Randi's character except within his own effeminate nature. Randi's mate is Tala Amaryllis, another character in the comic, as well as a fursona of Revinyesvr.

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