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Jil (also known as Jilduck and Westiebetch; born August 31, 1987)[1] is a stage actor (specializing in character roles and musical theatre), singer, fursuiter, and occasional artist. She attends college in Oberlin, Ohio, United States,[1] and her fursona is a West Highland White Terrier.

Jil owns several fursuits:

  • Jil, the fursuit depicting Jil's terrier fursona. She constructed the original herself,[2] and debuted it at Anthrocon 2007. This has been superceded by a newer version, using the same body but with a new head constructed by Midori.[3] This debuted at FurFright 2007.
  • Saskia, built in 2008 by Midori.[4] She is a sabertooth king cheetah, and a fierce individual.
  • Che, a Squirrel Monkey by Latin Vixen, to debut at MFF 2008.
  • Jorja, a goat.

She achieved some infamy/notoriety at MFF 2008, where she spent much of the con as Sarah Palin.[5]


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