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Jigsaw Forte, as shown with her signature eye-stripes. The blue dye in her hair and tail tuft are a variant of her usual hairstyle.

Jigsaw Forte (real name: Rachel Keslensky) is a furry artist. Her fursona is a vampire Talmi (alien feline/marsupial).

She is the creator of the webcomic series Last Res0rt. As a result, most of her artwork is focused on the Last Res0rt series, either for the comic itself or for related works.


Jigsaw's fur is a buff gold color with orange stripes along her body (including a stripe through each of her eyes), brown hair (with optional blue accents), and a cream-colored chest/belly. Her eyes are blue except when transformed into her Zombie form, a "powered-up" form she transforms into when she is exceptionally damaged, enraged, or otherwise starving for blood.

She is just under five feet tall, with a modest build.

When in Zombie mode, her fur is grayed, and her eyes are black with red pupils/irises in the standard "Dead Eyes" form of the Dead Inside.


Jigsaw chibi.jpg

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

As the protagonist of the cyberpunk webcomic Last Res0rt, Jigsaw Forte is a professional violinist turned reality show combatant and Executioner. She is the Captain of Team Andromeda (which consists of herself and her human accomplice, Daisy Archanis.)

Jigsaw is shown at the "beginning" of her transformation into a vampire, as she slowly learns of her newfound status as well as how 'dangerous' the Celeste consider her for being a non-human vampire.

Although the story has already revealed that Jigsaw is a vampire (or at least most similar to one, since according to Damien it's impossible for vampires to be anything but human), she is unaware of this fact aside from the few abilities she has developed thus far, such as picking up on the thoughts of others. However, a few people, such as the Celeste Arikos, are able to tell straight away that she is 'different'.

In person[edit]

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In real life, Jigsaw (also known as Rachel Keslensky) is a freelance artist, focusing on figure illustration in general (and the furry fandom in specific).

Jigsaw currently attends several Atlanta-area conventions, including Furry Weekend Atlanta, as well as local anime conventions and 'hacker' cons.

Jigsaw was a featured interviewee for the New Times SLO 2008 cover article, FUR-ther, with her artwork featured on the cover.

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