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Jet as drawn by Bingo Dingo (Color and shading by Kidsune).
'Jet' (Chris Gard) In Real Life - Photograph Taken By Kidsune).

Jet is an Australian furry living in Brisbane, Queensland. His fursona is a naturally colored dingo with a goatee. Jet is in an open relationship with a fox called Kidsune. They have been together since February 2007.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jet officially recognized himself as a furry in January, 2003, His passion grew dramatically over the period of a month, influencing him to become a highly active mucker on the YIMU Island MUCK as a dragon named 'Fortune'.


Jet is an anthropomorphic dingo. In April of 2006, Fortune (Jet) changed his character from a dragon to a wolf, taking up the new fur name 'Jet'. He remained as his nondescript wolf form until 2007, when he finally changed from his wolf fursona to a dingo.

Community Projects[edit]


Formally held third Chair on the RivFur organization team (committee) in 2011, held second Chair in 2012, and holds 'Coordinator In Charge' role for RivFur 2013. RivFur is the largest furry event (Furry Convention) held annually in Brisbane, Australia.

Furries Off Road[edit]

Founder and organizer for Furries Off Road, a small furry run (four wheel driving) group based in Queensland, Australia.

RecovFurry Australia[edit]

Founder of RecovFurry, an Australian furry community project that was established to provide a free roadside breakdown and recovery service as well as emergency transport and accident assistance to Australian furries. RecovFurry was disbanded on January 1st, 2011 due to other personal and business obligations.

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