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Jessica Elwood is a furry artist. She uses anime styled art and coloring in her artwork, and originally used a style resembling the Sonic the Hedgehog animated adaptions.

As a role-play writer, Jessica plays a feline/squirrel/vixen mix of the same name. This fursona has been a main character in stories written by The Muse of Caprice and Whimsy.



Two 2010 posts on the Livejournal community artists_beware stated Jessica Elwood was extremely tardy in several of her commissions. shukivengeance's post in March concluded "It's ridiculous. I have been waiting a year and a half now! [...] I'm wondering if there are others people out there too experiencing this trouble with her." (Post later edited with "all 3 compensation images have been completed! I've been very satisfied with her response :) This is most definitely resolved".)[1] darkduck64 posted "As of July 8, 2010, i will have waited 22 months for a commission i have purchased from her with no results to show." (Later edited to add "Jessica Elwood has refunded me my money in full, and has even gotten me the sketch to my original commission done".)[2] Later in July, Jessica Elwood was banned from Fur Affinity.

DeviantART hack[edit]

A journal posted during the hack contains several popular anti-fur memes, including the "Burn in Hell" meme, as well as a variant of the Anonymous motto.

On the same day that Elwood closed her photography account, Jessica's main deviantART account was apparently hacked. The alleged hacker proceeded to disable her gallery and post shock images and insulting journals, most containing anti-fur memes. DA staff banned the account.

A number of otherwise empty accounts created within 1-3 weeks of the event, began to spam DeviantArt and Fur Affinity. Included in these messages were supposed real life photos of Ms. Elwood, links to a retired Mexican furry named Arden the Black (later proven to be incorrect), the name Martha (connected to her PayPal information, later confirmed by Elwood to be accurate), and recorded telephone conversations.

Jessica Elwood's DeviantArt account was unbanned around July 14th. On August 2nd, Jessica Elwood posted a public apology for her actions, including "I treated my clients like crap, I lied and lied and lied until I finally got caught and all the rotten stuff was exposed. [...] Then I lied to you all again, to the point I am not surprised many of you thought I had ”autohacked” my DA account. [...] As many of you discovered my real name is Martha, and I am from Mexico. I am just an average girl with many self esteem issues. But also I am an artist, and what I have is my art, my hands and my pencils and my drawings. And I hope with time that will be enough for these who I betrayed."[3] At the same time, she posted commissioned drawings, stating "I will keep the rest of my gallery as it is now (stored) until I finish all the commissions."[4]

Fur Affinity ban[edit]

The Fur Affinity administration investigated the accusations of commission abuse. On July 21st, Dragoneer and other FA administrators concluded this investigation, placing a ban on Jessica Elwood's account pending resolution of several thousand dollars worth of tardy commission work. Commissions have since been posted since on DeviantART even if FurAffinity administrator Arshes Nei had stated Ms. Elwood is free to appeal her ban at any time.[5][6] An alternative account, Kacey Wyandotte confirmed via IP address to be Jessica Elwood, was banned as of July 18, 2010.[citation needed] Arshes Nei then retroactively found her guilty and stated, "the harassment makes us look like we're the bad guys. What do you do when an insect bothers you? You kill it."


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