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Jesse of Logan, Ohio and a current[when?] student at Logan High School, was born to Gwen and Wesley on August 24, 1991. He is also known as pro_magnum, promagnum, and pro_magnum224. He is an Evangelical Lutheran since birth, being baptized sometime in January of 1992 and Confirmed sometime in June of 2005. After first discovering the furry fandom in April of 2007 and officially becoming a furry in June of that same year, he joined the IMVU Furry Forums in order to learn more about the fandom in general and its inhabitants. Jesse first fursona was a red panda, but discovered that a fellow furry on IMVU had made a blue panda skin. He chose the blue panda skin because he likes the color blue very much. Other smaller fursonas have included an ice wolf and a blue fox.

Jesse's Fursona


Jesse (the red panda) was born to a red panda father and a human mother. He was raised a single child with many friends who lived around him after his mother passed away from some sort of cancer. He currently lives alone.

IMVU Furry Forums[edit]

As of November 2007, Jesse has been a local moderator of the Fun RP boards. Sometime after that, he was promoted to regular moderator.

Jesse's Music[edit]

Jesse plays guitar and sings professionally in various choirs ranging from a church choir to having performed in the Mass Gala Choir Concert in St. Cathrine's, Canada in 2005. His vocal style has been described as "soft and round" and his song writing abilities range from classical sounding to modern pop to contemporary.

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