Jeremy Shapeshifter

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Jeremy Shapeshifter
Real name Jeremy Herrera
Other names Jere Husky
Born January 16, 1994
Profession or hobby Fursuiter, Furry Writer, Voice Actor, Author, Producer, YouTuber, College Student
Character species Shapeshifter

Jeremy Shapeshifter (also Jere Husky. ex fursona(s) Adam Gator; real name Jeremy Herrera, born January, 16th 1994), is a furry writer and fursuiter from Texas, who likes to write books, scripts, and stories as well as a voice actor and aspiring producer. He's currently a student, but he does voice acting, writing and producing videos back on YouTube, Wattpad, having his books self-published on Amazon (Formerly Lulu). He also formerly has a website by freewebs, which he deleted afterwards for unknown reasons. The reason why the creator, Jeremy, called his character by his name is because he role-played as a shapeshifter before joining the Fandom. He was part of Class of 2013 at his High School. After graduating from college, changes slipped through, and now Jeremy is a college student at a community college.


Jeremy's two fursona are Jeremy Shapeshifter and Jere Husky. Jeremy Shapeshifter has 7 shapeshift forms: Dragon, T-Rex, Raptor, Snake, Crocodile, Great White Shark, and Grizzly Bear. Jere Husky is a purple husky, that is also Jeremy's pet husky.

Jeremy previously had Adam Gator as one of his fursona, but has long since made him into an OC yet still owns the character, along with his friend on Furaffinity.


Jeremy has a big love for fursuits in the fandom, and he owns two fursuits based on his two fursonas: Jeremy Shapeshifter, and Jere Husky. His first one was Jere Husky was designed by HeadsAndTails Studios in 2015, and his Jeremy Shapeshifter's dragon form fursuit was designed by his friend AsherTheDragon in 2017.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Before knowledge and involvement in the Furry Fandom, Jeremy felt like he was a furry all his life in the heart after he was born. Since 2006 before his school year in 6th grade began, Jeremy surfed on the internet and found Furry related stuff on Google Image and Deviantart, and had grown interest and involvement til spring of 2008, he found Furaffinity. Before joining Furaffinity, he had a YouTube account where he roleplayed with friends by shapeshifting. And he officially joined Furaffinity in July, 2009 at the age 15, when he joined Fur Affinity. But after high school, he had changed accounts to AdamGator (one of his OCs that used to been a fursona), and now rejoined first as JHuskyStar, and now JereHusky.

In addition to Furaffinity, Jeremy also has a Deviantart account, and Furry Network. He also shortly joined Weasyl, and SoFurry, but had rarely been active on the two latters as he felt Furry Network and Furaffinity are good for him to have.

As a writer, Jeremy writes furry literature, but sometimes struggles with Writer's Block.

Convention/Furmeet attendance[edit]

One of Jeremy's favorite things in the fandom, in addition to fursuits, arts, literature, etc. is going to Furry Conventions. In 2009, he had been longing to go to Anthrocon up til 2017. He also wanted to attend Furry Fiesta, a local furry convention he lives nearby in the area. His first time attending Furry Fiesta was in 2015, but only attended on Saturday due work, but has been going to the convention full-time since 2016. Jeremy has long hopes and dreams to go to other furry conventions around the world as a goal.

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