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Jeremy Shapeshifter (previously Jeremy Dragon; real name Jeremy Herrera, born 1994), is a furry artist from Texas. He's currently a student, but he does voice acting, drawing, and producing videos back on YouTube, but now on his website, and wanting to be a well-known voice actor, drawer/artist, and animator. The reason why the creator, Jeremy, called his character by his name is because he role-played as a shapeshifter before joining the Fandom. He's part of Class of 2013 at his High School.


Jeremy's fursona is a purple (formerly dark grey) dragon and western type. His elements are fire, ice, and earth (formerly wind, water, and lightning). By anthro form, he's his creator's size. And by feral form, he's the dragon's size. He has dark brown hair (anthro only).

Fandom involvement[edit]

During May, 2009, Jeremy known about everything about furry fandom. Before joining, he roleplayed with friends by shapeshifting. And he officially joined furry fandom in July, 2009 at the age 15, when he joined Fur Affinity. And his account is JeremyTheDragon. It had become his standard username on Furaffinity.

Jeremy's artworks consists of dragons.

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