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Panda Jenn (real name Jennifer Morton) is a furry artist and pony artist who lives in the United States. Her personal character is a panda who started out as nothing more then an online persona in July 26, 2001.


Jenn's artistic style employs cute, Disney-like character designs. Her characters are reminiscent of such 1990s television programs as Tail Spin and Animaniacs

Jenn provides artwork for The World of Vicki Fox web comic, and in 2004 her own web comic, Simply Panda Jenn, made its online debut. After only four years the comic was shelved, though, as of June, 2011, it has been completely revised and reposted. You can now visit the new and improved "Simply Panda Jenn" at

Nowadays, Panda Jenn goes by the name of Spicy Demon, and her current fursona is a red bat-pony hybrid.

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