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Jennifer Dixon, as drawn by Earwig

Jennifer Dixon (alias Elle Dante on stage) is a character in the series Stories from San Iadras by foozzzball.

She is a fur, part of a fourth generation production run of approximately a hundred and eighty clones initiated by the Estian corporation for commercial purposes. Her batch/serial number is TLC-0A-3113.

Physical Description[edit]

Her genome's baseline is derived from an extinct marsupial, the Thylacine. Her fur has been described as short and dense, with the main sections a yellowy tan colour, blending to an off-white on the ventral surfaces of her torso and limbs. Tiger-like stripes stretch from just beneath her shoulder blades to her upper thigh, and down her short, blunt tail. Her features have been described as 'canid' by those not familiar with the source of her genome's baseline. Her muzzle is quite long, slender, and like the Thylacine, she can open her jaws alarmingly wide. Her eyes are a green shade, which reflect light very slightly in darkness. She keeps her straight red hair just past shoulder length. The colouring isn't natural, but a permanent genedye. Her skin tends to be a darker tan colour. Some marsupial traits, like her pouch, were removed in childhood surgery.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

She was born, the term for clones is decanted, in 2083 at Lake North Bio-research and production facility 6c. She was then transferred, along with her sisters, to production services and care facilities in the old downtown district of San Iadras. She lived there with her sisters in a set of dorm facilities, living out the first seven years of her odd childhood where children do not have names, but numbers. She was on the whole quite happy, being encouraged towards sociability at quite a young age.

Her run of clones were originally intended to be used as public liaisons and personal assistants in office and corporate environments, but as part of an attempt to provide customer 'satisfaction' in all eventualities, she and her sisters were shown romance films - some relatively sexually explicit - while being exposed to conditioning pheromones, with the idea that one day should their owners and purchasers wish to pursue a relationship with them, nothing could be simpler. In 2090 when 'furry emancipation' laws were finally passed, she and her sisters were removed from the care of the Estian corporation, assigned non-numeral names, and placed into orphanages.

She was adopted by a childless couple, the Karlsens, and was raised with four other furs from somewhat older clone runs. she and her foster-siblings got along well, and in their late teens there was some furtive sexual exploration. Jennifer found she had mildly voyeuristic and exhibitionist tenancies, which 'blossomed' in her late high school and early college years, leading to strings of boyfriends and a rather over-idealistic period in her life where she believed in the fairy tales she'd grown up with. A time when she believed she would become a dancer, and live a luxurious life with some mythical perfect lover, and her life would really be what had been described in those romance movies she'd seen as a child.

It didn't really work out that way. Her aptitude was for office work, and while temping for extra money between classes she met a gentleman named Edward. A gentleman with an expense account, a flashy car, and a need for a personal assistant. For a while, her life was the mad, romantic and sexy roller coaster she'd always wanted. Late night parties with Edward, dancing in flashy clubs, long nights together, something she thought must surely be true love. And when Edward smelled of other women, and he spent less time with her, Jennifer tried hard to make him love her again. But then going through his data files - since she was his secretary, after all - she found a receipt for a bottle of pheromones that Edward had purchased from an Estian subsidiary. A bottle that, as she described it, 'smelled like the men from my fantasies would smell, if they had a smell'.

Even knowing that, even watching Edward carouse with other women, even after being treated little better than an expensive whore, Jennifer still loved Edward. She couldn't stop. And so she left him, lashing out at herself and the world by sleeping around, desperately trying to find someone who would tell her she was beautiful and pretty and in a way she'd actually believe it again. She has difficulty remembering all of her casual partner's names, sometimes their faces. While she maintains an office job, on weekends she strips and acts on the stages at the Spirit of '67 adult theatre and club, under the stage name 'Elle Dante'.

More recently she met Troy Salcedo - a clone sibling of a fur she'd dated in college - and she's been regularly seeing him for quite some time now in an 'on again and off again' relationship. She has yet to give up on 'open' relationships, confused feelings about sex and love, or getting up on a stage to try and make men lust after her... or once in awhile try and make them understand just what it means to be that pretty girl you've turned into a sex object. She's never once outright told Troy that she loves him, and possibly never will.

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

On her relationships[edit]

She sometimes bakes Troy, a mouse, large cookies made with peanut butter, nuts, grains, and cereals in an almost unpalatable lump of hard fibre he thinks to be the greatest treat in the world. She doesn't know whether or not to tell him that she found a website for enthusiasts of pet mice and scaled up the recipe for a treat for pet mice called 'Nice Nibbles'.

About her[edit]

She likes the beach, sunshine, jewellery, good food, romance films and games, types at a hundred and sixty words per minute, and makes the best damn coffee in the world.

Her desires[edit]

She has always wanted to go to Europe and visit London, Paris and Milan in a wild, day-long frenzied shopping spree. She is quietly jealous of her dozen or so sisters who have boyfriends who have done this for them, and footed the bill.

A childhood event[edit]

In high school she once told a boy she didn't like that she had fleas in order to get out of dating him again. He gave her a bottle of dog shampoo. She hit him with it.