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This article is about the furry Jazz the Rabbit. For Jazz Jackrabbit and any other uses of the name Jazz, see Jazz.

Jazz The Rabbit, also known as Jazzmospazz or bunny nee fox, is a Chicago denizen, a writer of almost exclusively of sexual prose under his pen-names Tyler David Coltraine or Nicole DeMarco, and a retired member of Midwest FurFest staff. He can also be found as The Foxish on sites such as Twitter. He is a member of Ohana House, and presently attends college.

As of 2011, Jazz is enjoying his 15th anniversary with the furry fandom. He is one of a handful of regulars on FurToonia, and his characters Funkvixen and Discobunny can be found in Club hOtter on FurryMuck or periodically connected to Second Life as Funkvixen Madonna.

Jazz was co-director with Quasi Skunk of Midwest Furfest's convention hospitality suite ("The Con Suite") from 2002 to 2005 before retiring due to stress. Presently, he is the Assistant Director of the Anthrocon Dealers' Room, as well as the serving Head of Video Gaming for Furry Connection North and Condition, for both of which he is a founding member.

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