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Jayron, previously known as JakeFox, (born August 1987) is a Swedish furry artist and writer. Originally from Sundsvall in Medelpad, in August 2006 moved down to Malmö in Skåne where he goes to a comic school. His fursona is a Serval as of 2011, and was previously a Red Fox. His girlfriend, since around 2003, is Ratiries, who is active in the fandom with a jackal fursona.

His interest in furry started in early 2003 and began doodling his own furries. Usually, his subject was fox anthros and one of them became known as "JakeFox", which is his nickname that has followed him since then. He began looking for other furries online and got in contact with Ratiries and Ricadonna. After a while, Jayron and Ratiries hooked up despite the distance between Medelpad and Skåne. Throughout the years Jayron drew and practiced and reached far in progress, and registered on deviantART and got more publicity. But in 2006, he decided to leave deviantART and registered on Fur Affinity, where his existence became more known to the furry fandom public.

Jayron is a moderator assistant on SveaFur.

Full-body image of Jayron, drawn by himself.

In Character[edit]

Jayron "Jake" Dell'Aria is a Red Fox with few black stripes, large tufted ears and flaming red hair, living a life as a pirate. He is recognized for his black and red wear and unique stripes, but also by his youthful look and feminine body. Jayron at first look might not look threatening, but have his records of being quite dangerous when he brings out his sword and fighting abilities.

But unknown to most who face him in battle, Jayron has both the occupation and hobby of being a male stripper, earning a share of cash to rely on, but also because he finds it to be an entertaining job.

He was born in the town of L'Aquila in Italy and is in his late teens.

His mate is the wolfdog Lupercus, a character of Ratiries.

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