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Jayri Avieock, also known as Jayri Veradian Avieock or Jay for short (real name Jeremy; born January 1990), is a Twitch streamer and anthro artist who lives in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA area.


Jayri has multiple fursonas. His main fursona is a dragon and his secondary is a ponysona named Spark'n Spiration (or Sparky for short).

Jayri Reference Sheet(current as of 2017)
Anthro Jayri reference(current as of 2018)


Jayri started his Twitch channel in 2018.

His channel is Jayri_.

Currently on hiatus until further notice till living situation improves[1].


Some of his Twitch streams go on YouTube.

Jayri's YouTube link.


First attended convention was Furry Fiesta 2017.


  1. Tweet on Twitter explaining situation. Originated July 30, 2019. Retrieved September 2, 2019.

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