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Jax is an artist and fursuiter living in Massachusetts, born on August 16th, 1981. His interests include Anime, RPGs, and Video games.


Jax's personal suit of 'Jax the Purple Bat', made in 2004.

Jax started making costumes at a young age. He took over his mother's work of making home made halloween costumes as a child, and hasn't stopped since.

Recently, he has touched into more complex materials such as latex and fiberglass, with the intention of branching off into SFX and monster design as well as mascot costumes.

Jax has also been drawing since the age of three, though he only found out about the Furry Fandom around 2002. His anime and cartoon influenced works vary, from humans to anthros and monsters. Rarely he offers art commissions in the form of badges and icons.

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