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Jax Fox, also known as Cutefoxie (born June 26, 1965,[1] died March 2018),[2] was a fursuiter who lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jax entered the furry fandom when he discovered the furry comics of Usagi Yojimbo.[1] Later, he developed an interest in mascots, and obtained two mascot-style mouse costumes, with which he performed in many mascotting gigs. Jax enjoyed making others happy, smile, or laugh through his fursuiting. His favorite animal was the Alaskan Red Fox, and he had the vocal ability to “Yip!” like a fox. Jack attended a number of conventions, including VancouFur 2014 and 2015, multiple Fur-Ehs, and What The Fur.


Jax owned multiple fursuits including:

  • Jax: a fursuit depicting his fox fursona. Jax is very mischievous, curious, and kind hearted. He is about twenty-seven years old.
  • Vix: a fox vixen and his favorite fursuit. Vix likes to be classy and is always fussing to look her best. She is about thirty-three years old.
  • Pinx: a pink female raccoon. Pinx is very energetic and loves to dance. She will often act like a bit of a tomboy. She is about twenty-three years old.
  • Brox: a bear-fox hybrid. Brox is a camera hog who enjoys his looks and is also somewhat nosey. He is about twenty-five years old.
  • Dexter: a red fox with large Fennec-like ears.


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