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Jason Blake. Drawn by Garnet.
Jason reference. Drawn by Edge.
Blake reference. Drawn by Garnet.

Jason Blake is a computer science student, designer and developer for SoFurry, DJ at various furry events, and the Deputy Head of Photography for ConFuzzled and the Director of Decorations for Eurofurence. He lives in England and his fursona is an otter (although he still commissions art of his original wolf form). He is Dhary Montecore's fianceé.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jason has been active in the furry fandom since 2008, but only began attending meets and events in 2012. He attends the Birmingham, Manchester or LondonFurs meets, where he often photographs the walks. He is the Deputy of Photography for ConFuzzled and also on the photography team for Eurofurence. Many of his photos are posted onto his personal Flickr account.

He is also a web designer and developer for SoFurry,[1] where he is largely influential for the site's design and layout since 2.0 was launched and has since been working on 3.0.

He can also be found DJ'ing at various events, including:

His recorded sets are usually uploaded to Mixcloud and various mashups can be found on his Soundcloud account.


Although Jason started off as an eastern wolf under the full name Jason Blake,[6] he changed his character to an otter in 2012.[7] However, in 2013 he split the character into two personas: keeping the otter as Jason and bringing the wolf back as a werewolf named Blake.[8]


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