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Jasen Tamiia

Jasen Traümer Tamiia (born March 14, 1988) is a Furry Artist, Digital Musician, and working as an Emergency Medical Technician in Long Beach, California.


Jasen Tamiia has a double fursona, each with similar design and contrasting dispositions. One of them, referred to as Reneé, is a transgendered homosexual male with a feminine build and obnoxious personality. The other, referred to as Remy, a heterosexual male of a sub-athletic build, tends to have a more contained and serious attitude.

Both are brown-orange anthropomorphic foxes, white secondary fur colors and black hair. Jasen Tamiia is typically clothed in the "Tamiia Uniform", a white polo shirt with black top part and sleeves with white hems and black pants and boots. Alternatively, Tamiia is commonly depicted in a black unbuttoned shirt with red undershirt, black pants and boots, occasionally accessorizing with black arm warmers and gloves.

A representation of the differences in Jasen Tamiia's Double Fursona.

Art and Music[edit]

Jasen Tamiia is primarily a Furry Artist, specializing in adult bondage art usually depicting his fursona Reneé in tight situations.

Tamiia also produces Electronic and Orchestral music under his own label: Tamiia Entertainment Company (formerly Black Spire Media Group) which is also an online store for his work and merchandise. Making Music since 2004, Jasen Tamiia has released 8 albums to date, including two singles.

Tools of the Trade[edit]

Every drawing that Jasen Tamiia does almost always starts on a piece of paper attached to his clipboard that he has had since 2001, which has many decorative stickers on its back. Most of Tamiia's Digital images are produced in Adobe Photoshop CS3, some of his highest quality works consist of nearly 100 layers or more and an average canvas size of 6000x8000 pixels. When it comes to traditional work, Tamiia uses Crayola or Prismacolor pencils and generic artist ink pens. Jasen Tamiia always draws on a very particular kind of laser printer paper: Letter size, 32lb, 98 brightness.

Jasen Tamiia also has a kind of affinity toward BIC mechanical pencils with yellow clips.


The Jasen Tamiia name was first established in 2001, the fursona was created in 2003 and changed into the fursona we know today initially in 2006.


Jasen Tamiia first started out as an artist primarily drawing Digimon Fanart. Jasen Tamiia was originally created as a Digimon fan character, the design for the "Tamiia Uniform" is a take-off of Rika Nonaka's broken-heart shirt from the series. Like many furries, Tamiia developed an infatuation with Renamon along with other behaviors of fandom. The most influential inspiration of Tamiia's Fursona was San Renard. In 2003 Tamiia started his deviantArt account and uploaded a new drawing every day for the first few weeks he was online, among these were the first images of RenaJase (RJ), which was regarded as a separate character at the time.


During this time the RenaJase Fursona became more and more associated with the Jasen Tamiia name than the original human persona. In 2006 Tamiia created the double fursona known today as Reneé and Remy, commonly referred to as "RJ Tamiia"


On April 7th, 2007, Jasen Tamiia started his Fur Affinity page. Since then, his interaction with the furry community increased exponentially, as well as his mature-rated work.

An image from The Jasen Tamiia EGO-MEME Spectacular

February 21st, 2008 is when Tamiia released the somewhat infamous EGO-MEME Spectacular a four-minute semi-animated short featuring various 4Chan and 7Chan memes where the characters were replaced by Jasen Tamiia's fursona.

In June 2008 Jasen Tamiia went to Anthrocon 2008.

In 2009 Jasen Tamiia was commissioned to do the artwork for the new Industrial Frost Album, Assimilated.

In June 2010, Tamiia began to write Devious Tangents.

In June 2011, Tamiia went to Anthrocon 2011.

Tamiia Entertainment Company Logo
The Tamiia Entertainment Company (formerly Black Spire Media Group) is a record label and media store selling primarily the work of Jasen Tamiia

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