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James The Dog (born June 9, 1986)[1] is a fur from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, in the UK.[2]

His fursona is an anthropomorphised cartoon dog version of himself, which he has identified himself as since the age of 14, many years before becoming aware of the fandom.

He first came across furry art in 2002, and DeviantArt in 2004, but remained unaware of the fandom itself until 2006, albeit at the time only hearing negative things from others on a website he was a member of at the time. He began to identify himself as furry in 2008 after researching properly into the fandom and realising how much of what he read fit in with how he felt. He was nervous to take steps into joining the fandom, but finally did so by signing up to the UKFur forums in May 2009.

His first furmeet was in Sheffield in June 2009. He has visited ConFuzzled and EuroFurence since 2010.


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