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Jim Hardiman

Jim Hardiman is a furry artist and the creator of the Skunkworks and The Ups and Downs comic series. He lived in Florida for many years, but has since moved. He enjoys motorcycles.


Medical issues[edit]

In 2002, he developed eye problems relating to diabetes and had to stop attending conventions. Many fans raised money to pay his medical bills,[1] with Radio Comix publishing Skunkworks Reflections, a multi artist tribute book created to further help cover his bills.[2][3]

fandom involvement[edit]

Jim has teamed up with Angry Viking Press a small comic company that helps artists get their books published. They are conducting a fund raiser to get enough funds to publish a revised edition of The Collected Skunkworks TPB.


Due to his illness, hardiman occasionally posts new works in various image boards when time and health permit. His close friend Desiree Lee continues to create By The Tail with his characters.

When he (or Desiree's) has new works to share, Hardiman will posts them to his Skunkworks mailing list, and additionally (to prevent others from doing so,) he will post shareable works on sites such as Fchan.


Skunkworks features three sassy young skunk female girls, Lori Parks, Oynx, and Natasha, and their mischief. Some stories also feature their mother Valencia and the alter egos of Hardiman and fellow artist Desiree Lee.

Usually the stories are of a pornographic nature, but with a dose of humor and wit. The girls are often shown as being exhibitionists, and their antics frequently get them into trouble, along with making life hell for Jim.

Cats N' Cameras[edit]

Jim was the illustrator for Chapter 6 of the online comic strip, Cats N' Cameras, and contributes guest art from time to time.

April Fools' art gags[edit]


On April Fools' Day 2008, skunked.com announced that due to changes in the furry fandom since Skunkworks was first published, the books would be rewritten to with new content to reflect such fandom changes, initially with the introduction of four gay male characters, Vance and his three sons, Nathan, Ollie and Larry.[4] gay male counterparts of Val and her three girls.


Another gag using the "change in the fandom" idea featured the three girls as emo/goth types on the fake cover of the aptly named "Skankworks". These pictures were in fact, little jokes poking fun at such different aspects of the furry fandom, and, despite some opinions,[citation needed] they were not meant as malicious attacks on any one person or clique.


Another gag bemoaning the state of the fandom concept featured the three girls as cub art characters types on the sugary cover of the aptly named "Cubworks"


This gag page tackles the muscular and sexual hypersizing of furry characters on the fandom, depicting the girls with massive physiques and enlarged sexual parts, or, as he puts it: "Poorly rendered steroid freaks covered in fur."

Anime Works[edit]

This gag page takes on the over-saturated anime influence on the fandom by depicting almost every japanese manga cliche using the girls, plus bonus characters .

WTF works[edit]

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Jim Hardiman has stated on several occasions[citation needed] that Radio Comix never paid him a dime for publishing any of his artwork or the Skunkworks Reflections tribute book. Hardiman spoke about this saying:

Jim Hardiman
I never saw a dime from that, nor did I receive anything from the graphic novel or the "Ups & Downs" comic. It's all water under the bridge at this point, however[citation needed]
Jim Hardiman


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