Jale Swiftpaw

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Jale Swiftpaw as depicted by Zeke (FA: t-bone-0).
Jale Swiftpaw as depicted by Tsubaki Nykohara (FA: tsubaki).

Jale Amadeus Swiftpaw, formerly known as Jale Albatros, (born October 7, 1986) is a venezuelan furry fan. His first fursona was a bear, but went through other species, following raccoon (procyon lotor), tanuki and finally wolfcoon (wolf and raccoon hybrid). He also has an otter as an "alter-sona"

Character's bio[edit]

His origins are unknown, even he doesn't know. He never met his parents and was raised by humans. At the early age of 13 he left his adoptive parents and joined the army, where he began his military career and eventually became instructor at the age of 15. He's a specialist in firearms, a great mechanic and exceptional pilot in all sorts of airships, from small planes to big warships.

Upon his retirement at the age of 18, he started his entertainment career as a DJ in many night clubs. He's currently a freelancer and lives with one of his sons, Makashiro Hideki Swiftpaw.

He was mated to Darkus Night as of December 10th, 2010. He's currently mated to a wolf since March, 2012.

In Second Life, he can be found as Jale Swiftpaw (jale.albatros).

Fursona details[edit]

Jale's build is wide for his medium size, has a round belly and is muscular, but not necessarily very strong. He has black hair and hazel brown eyes. He's bisexual, but has a higher preference towards males. He doesn't have a fixed set of clothes, so he can be seen wearing practically anything depending of the situation, but he wears his googles almost all the time. He is usually seen carrying a big wrench in one of his pockets.

Real life[edit]

Not much of his real life is known, except that he lives in Maracay, a city located in the northern region of Venezuela and got an Advanced Technician Degree in computer science.

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