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Example of Jako's artwork

Jako (or Jako Roo) is a Hungarian furry and artist. He was born on June 13th, 1987, in Budapest, and is now living in Tura.

[edit] History

Jako joined the Hungarian Furry community in 2005. His fursona was initially a raptor, which he imagined partly as a role playing character, partly as his fursona. He changed his fursona to a kangaroo in the Summer of 2006.

[edit] Artwork

In addition to attending a Multimedia development course, Jako draws mostly furry-anthro art in his spare time. He posts his artwork on such online art galleries such as Fur Affinity.

Jako mostly draws for himself but he also randomly draws for other furries as gifts or art trades. He rarely uploads his art because it requires a lot of care from him.

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