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Jākē's commissioned Marci McAdam badge, being drawn depicting himself as a HuskyWolf, from Lucifur's Meat & Greet 2016.

Jake (Jākē {pronounced as Jakey} or ltl.Jakey) Sherlock (born July 28, 1985) is a babyfur enthusiast and artist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His fursona is a cub husky/wolf. He became married to his current and only wife, Vanessa Sherlock, Nov 15, 2004 and they have a daughter and a son born July 2017. He operates Araro Graphics & Printing Inc. in his home basement, creating mostly cut vinyl art but also other print projects. He works by day for The City of Calgary as a Transit Operator and moonlights as an Uber driver.

Jākē regularly attends local pub meets and hosted his own first meet Cheap Bar Night at Sammy's Chophouse on October 14, 2016.

Art & Works[edit]


Fur-Eh! - Paws Vegas Conbook

Jākē was chosen as the Publications and Signage Lead for the second year in a row for the Canadian Conference Fur-Eh. The 2018 theme is 'Paws Vegas'.


Crinklz - Space and Sea Diaper Design

Working with Marci McAdam and creators of the BetterDry brand, Jākē used art elements from Marci McAdam to create the new Crinklz designs 'Space' and 'Sea'. The new designs where completed beginning of December 2017 and went to manufacture mid-January 2018.

Fur-Eh! - Harry Otter & The Furbidden Amulet Conbook

Working mostly as layout artist under the title Publications Lead, Jākē created the entire layout for print using inspiration from the theme as well as incorporating all the other artist's works; written, drawn or otherwise. The direction of the book for 2017 was to create something to take home and keep. A risky redirection was incorporated by excluding the panel listings as well as schedule and instead creating a secondary fold up map for easy reference.

Telegram Sticker Pack - ltl Jakey

Created first custom Telegram sticker pack depicting himself.

Commissioned Art & Works[edit]

  • Icon - Given 2017 - A bust by Davecko of a buff adult Jākē wearing a collar with Microsoft logo tag.
  • Badge - Given Fur-Eh! 2017 - Won in a draw a full body sketch by Nova Caine depicting a Jākē who didn't know quite enough about magic and accidentally shrunk himself to a younger state.
  • Icon - Given 2017 - A bust by Tylur DaWusky done in pencil of an adult Jākē with arms crossed wearing a collar with an Apple logo tag.
  • Badge - Requested Fur-Eh! Christmas Party 2016 - A head sketch by Rexy depicting a young Jākē on a kraft paper brown gift tag, with snowflake on tongue out.
  • Icon - Given 2016 - A face drawing by Eolis Leems done by finger tip on an iPad of a young Jākē with derp expression.
  • Badge - Given in a library colouring session, 2016 - A head sketch by Nimh Koumori depicting a baby Jākē with towel around head.
  • Badge - Given Furthest North 2016 - 'Jakey Brand Marshmallows' by Amoryllis Studios [1] depicting a full body baby Jākē in just a diaper eating 'Jakey Brand Marshmallows' from a bag.
  • Badge - Given Furthest North 2016 - A head sketch by CMDR-ShiningCat [2] depicting a young Jākē. Drawn using minimal tools; black ink, purple ink, purple highlighter and 5 colours of pencil crayons.
  • Badge - Requested Lucifur's Meat & Greet 2016 - A full body chibi by Marci McAdams depicting a toddler Jākē with only a 'Little Pawz' diaper on, reaching to you for a hug.


Jākē has attended:

  • Fur-Eh! Christmas Party - 2017, fundraiser for convention. Volunteered by taking Santa Tiggs photos.
  • Fur-Eh! - 2017, Harry Otter & The Furbidden Amulet. Currently holds volunteer staff position of Publications Lead and Signage Lead for the convention.
  • Fur-Eh! Christmas Party - 2016, fundraiser for convention. Volunteered by taking Santa Tiggs photos as well as running Power Point sneak peak presentation for the coming convention.
  • Furthest North - Summer 2016, attendee.
  • Lucifur's Meat & Greet - 2016. This was the first furry event Jākē ever attended, where he commissioned a badge from Marci McAdam.


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