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Jaffa Books
Jaffa Books logo, as of 2017
Author(s) Owners: Jay Stoat
Status Active
Launch date November 2011
End date Ongoing
Genre Publishing company

Jaffa Books is an independent publishing house, located in Brisbane, Australia. They primarily deal in speculative fiction - namely fantasy, science fiction, and anthropomorphic fiction - though they do also range select titles from other genres. Writers and readers alike come from within the fandom and beyond.

Jaffa Books started selling books in late 2011 with a small range of titles, and has since been gradually growing. They have attended FurDU as a dealer every year since 2012. Jaffa Books founder, Jay Stoat, was the special guest at FurDU 2015. [1]


Novels, novella, and short story anthologies are all published by Jaffa Books. Their poetry range is still available for sale, but they are no longer releasing new material of this format. As well as their own content, Jaffa Books also acts as a distributor for Sofawolf Press, Rabbit Valley, FurPlanet, Goal Publications, Jess E. Owen, as well as the ebooks of Kyell Gold.


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