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Jade Wulf has been a furry since May 13, 2009, when he discovered that he had been a furry all his life.


Female Characters:[edit]

Krystalle Catherine Izabylle Crimsonpelt is the daughter of Eirene Crimsonpelt, she is a twelve year old German Sheperd-taur that has a nasty past as she was taken from her mom when she was newly born and spent four years as someones slave and her growth was stunted do to not having the proper nutrition. She has just found out who her real mother is, and is very happy to be with her mother finally.

Lulu Graypelt is Jade's only character that is a mix between an Arctic Fox and a skunk. She is blind but on a site called F-list she regained her sight with the help of nanobots.

Teryani Kiname

Scarlett Lysandra

Sabia Wulf


Ella Candleheart

Kasuka Noa


Mystyc Rune is a winged Mystic Wolf, a subspecies of the Celestial Leopard species created by CelestialGoddess of SoFurry. Mystyc has two sisters, Aleka Rune, a female hermaprhodite owned by Eirene Crimsonpelt of SoFurry, and Akelto Rune, a female owned by CelestialGoddess. There is at least one brother in the first litter of Mystic Wolves, though who he is and who owns him is unknown at this time. Mystyc is the third born of the first generation and her Elements are Wind and Light as she is the breath of her family as well as the light in the dark times of her siblings kids and grandkids. When she will have children of her own no-one knows but her but it will be soon.


Selin Cloudhammer is the daughter of Cain Cloudhammer, she also only recently found out she was royalty after 17 years of raising herself

Cain Cloudhammer is the King of Vallora and the head of the royal family who is not what he seem as he is a male-herm

Songheart is a chakat of earth and was raise for most of hir life by foster parents as hir parents were killed in a Humans First riot

Male Characters:[edit]

Roland Cloudhammer is the son of Selin Cloudhammer and has a secret that only a few know of: he is a cuntboy.

Jade Wulf


Hyun Abia Stone

Opal Knight

Xarol Deschain

Layri Flarehammer

Caiside Ashru