Jade Empire

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Anthro NPC characters.

Jade Empire is an action role-playing game developed by Canadian developer, BioWare and published in 2005 by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox gaming platform.


Twenty years ago, the Jade Empire was in the midst of a great drought. The emperor declared the drought over, and it was. What the player character finds out was that the emperor slew the Water Dragon, a deity revered by the Spirit Monks, and transported her body to the Jade Palace. The water that spews from her body nourishes the Jade Empire. Unfortunately, the Water Dragon was also known as the Shepard of the Dead, whose duty was to guide the dead to the underworld. With her death, the dead are forced to wander the land of the living, and as time goes on, grow insane.

Furry Elements[edit]

There are a few Non player Characters that are furry:

  • The Water Dragon/Shepard of the Dead, Chinese Dragon
  • The Forest Spirit, Kitsune
  • Shining Tusk, the Forest Spirit's body guard, elephant demon
  • Chai Ka/Ya Zhen (the other), demon

In addition, it is possible (although rare) to gain the forms of defeated enemies after combat. This form, called the Transformation Style uses a lot of power, but the player is granted the same ablities and status bonuses. Among the enemies whose forms the player can assume are, the Toad demon, and the Horse demon.

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