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The girl behind the cow

Jackie(real name Jacqueline Roach, also known as Jackyll, Gingy Kitty and CureiNeko; born September 17th, 1981) is a female anthro artist permanently residing in Amanda, Ohio, USA.

The person[edit]


Jackie was raised by her father, mother, older brother, and an older half sister. She has two cats of her own in Lancaster, and more in Logan, Ohio, that are staying with her parents for the time being. She is engaged to Ryan D. Stump.

Jackie lives on her own and spends her free time at home either playing Dead or Alive or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II, chatting with her father on Instant Messenger, catching up on kiribans and commissions, watching anime and movies, reading manga, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books.

The fursona[edit]


Jackie has had several fursonas. Her first fursona was a cat girl by the name of Ginger Lavendor. That only lasted a few years before she switched to another fursona (Ayumiki, a Siamese cat), which in turn only lasted a few months before she settled on a Belgian Blue Cow named Jackie.

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