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Jackaloo is a furry writer/artist in Southern California,[1] USA.

He is probably most well known for his gay-themed comic The Internship (started June 2016) and its prequel/time-jumping-companion piece Summers Gone (public posts started November 2017), featuring Andrew Oleander (Andy), Emery Waldren and Cooper Estevez.

Other furry comix by his include: (sorted by start-date)

  • In His Service, (posts starting March 2013), rated adult (gay BDSM). Only 3 pages because commissioner stopped paying.
  • After The Party (posts starting August 2013), rated adult (gay male). Complete, 15 pages.
  • The Awry Trap (posts starting November 2013), rated adult (gay male). Complete, 20 pages including cover.
  • Dasher part one (posts starting January 2014), rated adult (male). Part one complete, 5 pages.
  • assorted single-page comics.

He was interviewed for the podcast[2] Panda Pause (episode 114) which was released around 2018 January.[3]


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External links[edit]

  • Jackaloo crowd-funding on Patreon (for Jackaloo to create The Internship comic)