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Zareth's real self

Zareth (real name Jack Eldar, born 1982,) is a furry fan residing in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. with his husband Mike Carter, also known as Radiko. and is soon adopting a child, wanting to start a life of his own.

Jack works full time on a S.W.A.T. team.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Zareth is active participant on the Yiffstar forums with over 1500 posts. He caused the "September 19th" incident, which involved a friend fulfilling a request that his real job be posted on the forums; Jack had been "gunned down".[citation needed]

Zareth loves to roleplay and is usually up for a good roleplay when he's in the mood, he's usually descriptive and is open about what he likes and doesn't like to do in a roleplay.


Zareth Eldar is his fursona, a black panther with pure black fur and hair, and emerald eyes. He has a long scar on his chest from a knife battle many years ago. Jack got his fursona's name with the help of Kaylin aka Rahne from Yiffstar.

Real Life[edit]

Jack, as of 2006.

Zareth is a huge fan of firearms and guns, to name a few guns he has a .45 Glock handgun, an M16 machine gun, an M40 sniper given to him by the military a few years back, a .45 Smith & Wesson revolver and a Remington hunting rifle.


Zareth is a hunter, but he doesn't do it for the sake of killing something, it's in fact an ancient family tradition.

In his family, when a boy becomes 15, he has to go into the woods armed with supplies, a compass, radio and rifle with ammo and hunt a caribou to gather the skins and meat to prepare for a large feast.

Once the boy does this, he returns home for a large caribou feast with caribou meat, caribou stew and many other dishes. This experience and further like it has provided Zareth with valuable experience in field craft, ranging, survival and independence.

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