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Jacen Wallcroft is an writer, curently living in Redlands, California, USA.

The Fursona[edit]

One (of two, Jacen in secondary for most writing) fursona (after a few minor changes), an Red Fox by the name of Jacen Wallcroft. Jacen is an 21 year old Mercenary hired hand. Jacen was born on an American USMC base in Northern Germany and is a free roaming rifleman, using a MG36KE Rifle with a Bi-Pod and Extended Barel. Is currently unemployed by any faction.----

  • Full Name: Jacen Roy Wallcroft
  • Commonly Known As: Jace
  • Species: Vulpes Vulpes (Red Fox)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21
  • Fur Color and Patterns: deep creamsicle orange coat, blonde chest fur, with ‘gloves and boots’ pattern, black tipped ears, and a black tipped tail
  • Hair Color: Dark-rooted blonde
  • Eye Color: Mostly gray, with hints of blue
  • Myers-Briggs Type: ENFJ

Taylyin Railway[edit]

"The Taylyin Railway" is a short novel by Justin Miholick (JaceWallcroft). It takes place in an altered version of Earth in (currently) two countries. Innan (located in real-world Germany), and Ayrece (located in real-world Poland).


Innan is a large mountainous country, with small vilages, large ports, and plenty of forestland. The main port and railroad city of Innan is Taylyin (hence the stories name). The residents of Innan are mostly freindly, and helpfull. They maintain a stiff border patroll program, and keep most enemies out of the country. Most railines in Innan are run by Steam Locomotives, there are few Desiel engines (for the good of the woodland environment).


Ayrece is mainly a military-state, with a large army and plenty of solders. It is connected to Innan by railines, and gets most of its dry goods from those lines. Ayrece has its own railines, which are run by Mag-Lev trains, and these too run into Innan.


So far only three characters have been introduced.

  • Jacen Wallcroft (27 year old Red Fox, from Ayrece. A runaway solder.)
  • Eli Drek (39 year old snow leopard, from Innan)
  • Stan Kresh (25 year old Siberian Husky, from Innan)
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