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JSilves (born May 24, 1999) is a furry artist who lives in Ohio, USA.

As of May, 2016, he is an American sophomore highschool student, and is in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Sarah ("Scafe").

Furry activities[edit]

JSilves discovered the furry community through his friend YukiFolf, and has been a member of the community since 2013.

His fursona, Jonathon Silves, is a straight, male grey wolf with touches of black fur.


JSilves is an avid gamer and plays most Battlefield games (Battlefield 3, 4, and Hardline), Call of Duty (COD Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare), and Tom Clancy's The Division.

JSilves began drawing in 2012 and creates his own content, trying to improve his works, week by week.

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