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J.C. Roberts, also known as D'ymkarra[1], Fraxx or Thunder lizard[2] (born September 16, 1976),[3] is a furry who lives in Barto, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.[3]

His main fursona, D'ymkarra, is an equine (Clydesdale) incubus; he also has secondary fursonas, including a striped skunk named (Fraxx); and Talonis, an archaeopteryx.[2]


D'ymkarra is the creator of the comic series Fraxxured, which centers on the day-to-day antics at a repair garage (known as The Skunk Worx), as well as taking random jabs at politics and current events. The comic ran from 1989 to mid 1997; it has been on hiatus since then due to real life events. [citation needed] As of January 2011, he is working on restarting the comic.[4]


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